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Kelly’s Aviation
Ryan Airfield
6330 S. Aviator Lane
Hangar A
HCR Box 289
Tucson, AZ 85735
(520) 578-0018

Welcome to Kelly's Aviation!

Thank you for inquiring about flight instruction and airplane rental at Kelly’s Aviation.

I’ve always believed that a flight school should be more than just a place where people learned to fly or rented well-maintained airplanes. The school should be about the people. It should be a place where people can be themselves and feel like they’re a part of something special. They should feel like the school is partly theirs- a place where we all have something to contribute and have something to learn from each other, whether you’re a student pilot or master flight instructor.

Individuals have different personalities, learning styles, life experiences, goals and skill levels. Therefore, the instruction and service needs to be personalized for every person on every flight. While flying can be challenging and hard work, it also should be fun!

Everyone involved with Kelly’s Aviation knows how flying can transform your life. That’s not just because of what you gain in skills and knowledge but also what it can teach you about yourself. The rewards and experiences gained from flying are endless.

With all that in mind, our goal is to make every flight a rewarding, personalized and positive experience.

After browsing this site, feel free to stop by, drop me an email or give me a call.

Many people dream of flying but let us help you earn your wings!


Kelly Stites
Owner, Kelly’s Aviation
Ryan Airfield



Open 7 AM to 4PM 

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Open 7 AM to 1PM 

Wednesday and Friday

Closed Monday



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